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Research & Articles

How Project Management Office (PMO) Leaders Facilitate Cross-Project Learning and Continuous Improvement

Published in the Project Management Journal, Project Management Institute, September 2016 Download research...

How to Continuosly Improve Project Delivery

A major high-tech medical device manufacturer lost millions on a massive project that required multiple business units to coordinate their efforts for a single customer installation. Time delays, rework, cost overruns and contractual penalties ultimately combined to produce a monumental failure that the company’s executives wanted explained and remedied. Continue reading article...

What the Research Says about Project "Lessons Learned" and What this Means for Your Organization

Project organizations - including IT, product development, research and development, consulting, and engineering - face unique challenges when it comes to transferring learning and knowledge from one project to the next. Because project teams disband upon completion of their work, this often means that “the end of a project is consequently the end of collective learning” Download research...

Six Practices to Improve Success Rates for Business Transformation Strategies

So you have a mandate to streamline processes, upgrade IT, and make the necessary organizational changes to improve service and increase productivity. Here are a few things to keep in mind Continue reading article...

An Exploratory Study of Project Management Office Leaders and their Role in Facilitating Cross-Project Learning and Continuous Improvement

In-depth study of 20 PMO leaders. Download research...


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