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Project Performance Improvement

Engage Project Teams to Drive Continuous Improvement

As a Project Management Office leader or an executive in a project-based organization, you face challenges on multiple fronts.

  • On one hand, you need project managers and teams to deliver quick results.
  • On the other, you need to ensure the organization can learn from both success and failure to deliver continuous improvements in customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

We help project organization leaders meet these challenges by providing immediate value to project managers and teams in ways that help them

  • Achieve project objectives
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

And our world-class, expert-faciliated project retrospectives provide project teams the structures they need to adjust, align, fine-tune and continually improve stakeholder satisfaction from one project to the next.

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“Julian Advisory Group is the best in the business. They exemplify the sought after yet hard to find combination of deep educational knowledge and broad practical experience. They are great coaches, colleagues, facilitators and mentors. I feel lucky to have worked with them.”

Vice President, Technology, JP Morgan Chase

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