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Coaching for Leaders, Managers and Teams

Develop Project Management Talent. Improve Delivery Consistency and Effectiveness.

The vast majority of project managers who take on transformation projects may not have the knowledge and skill they need at the outset. That’s because these projects almost always

  • Cross geographic, functional, organizational, and technical boundaries
  • Encounter political and social challenges along the way and
  • Require mastery of tools and techniques for analyzing operations, improving processes, capturing business requirements and managing internal stakeholders.

Our coaching practice provides real-time skill development, seasoned guidance and best practices that help project managers unleash project team talent, manage performance, and ensure success while minimizing risk to the organization.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you equip project managers and teams with the skills and best practices they need to successfully deliver mission-critical transformation projects.


“Julian Advisory Group is the best in the business. They exemplify the sought after yet hard to find combination of deep educational knowledge and broad practical experience. They are great coaches, colleagues, facilitators and mentors. I feel lucky to have worked with them.”

Vice President, Technology, JP Morgan Chase

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