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Post-Project Review and Retrospective

Project Retrospectives Drive Continuous Improvement and Develop Internal Talent

Project Retrospectives enable internal talent to

  • Improve project delivery
  • Increase stakeholder satisfaction
  • Continually reap project efficiences from one project to the next
  • Learn from actual project experience rather than formal training

Think about your organization. Is there an effective process for learning from project success and failure and transferring improvements from one project to the next?

Project Retrospectives, Post Project Reviews and Project Postmortems Fuel Continuous Improvement

Many project organizations waste valuable time and resources by reinventing the wheel on every new project. Past mistakes can be repeated. Previous success is difficult to replicate. That's because the organization may not have the right structures to generate continuous improvements in project delivery.

Project team retrospectives, project team reviews and project team postmortems are the engine that drives succesful continuous improvement from one project to the next.

Objective, Outside Facilitation is Critical

Our project retrospectives are led by a world-class facilitator who:

  • Has worked for many years in complex project environments
  • Has no influence over team member performance reviews
  • Provides objectivity and perspectives that encourage project team innovation
  • Can resolve conflict and promote the development of effective working relationships

Our project retrospective facilitation levels the playing field, eliminating the problems associated with unskilled facilitation and political bias. It also enables managers, team members and stakeholders alike to fully contribute their perspectives.

Focus is on Future Improvement, Not "Blamestorming"

And rather than spending most of the time looking back at mistakes, failures or past events, the focus is on the future. What can be done next time to improve on the result? What are specific, practical, and measurable improvements that can reduce delivery time, improve productivity, reduce costs or improve quality? What new innovations has the team developed that others should consider adopting?

cross-project improvement diagram

This kind of project retrospective or project review can be a transformative experience for project organizations, something that is more engaging, forward-focused and serves the purpose of continuous improvement more effectively than the “blamestorming” that comes along with fixing "red light" projects or the inattention paid to lessons learned documents stored in knowledge management systems.

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