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Mid-Project Review & Retrospective

Mid-Project Retrospectives Improve Project Delivery

When projects succeed, they deliver revenue growth, improved productivity, lower costs, and more effective operations.

When projects fail, they drain critical investment dollars, waste valuable resources, and – directly or indirectly – limit a firm’s ability to compete.

Project reviews and retrospectives help to:

  • Keep mission-critical projects on track
  • Improve project delivery effectiveness
  • Provide team members with opportunities for development

Objective, Outside Facilitation is Critical

And rather than being facilitated by a project manager or other person in a position of authority, the project review and retrospective is led by an outside, world-class facilitator with no influence over team member performance reviews. That provides a more level playing field, eliminating the problems associated with unskilled facilitation and political bias. It also enables managers and team members alike to fully contribute their perspectives.

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