Agile Operations & Technology Consulting

Map out Your Transformation Strategy

Map out Your Transformation Strategy

Establish an agreed-upon operations and technology roadmap that delivers results aligned with your organization's strategic objectives.

We help you and your team map out a course of action that:

  • Directly addresses key operations, technology and organizational roadblocks
  • Sets aggressive, achievable performance improvement objectives that move you, your team and your organization towards agreement on mission-critical strategies and plans.

Contact us to talk more about your individual situation and to learn more about how we can help.


“Jerry Julian, the lead consultant at Julian Advisory Group, helped us define our program strategy, establish our project management approach, and facilitated global marketing requirements for new operations and technology capabilities across Europe and North America. He’s an excellent strategist, advisor and coach who can bring people together to drive solutions and get results. We highly recommend him and his firm.”

Senior Vice President, Sotheby's

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